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I've had several people ask what is a good way to get into reading the Avengers comics, and what a good jumping/starting point is. I've compiled a list of trade paperbacks in a nice, neat, reading order covering some of the most fantastic events dating from 2004 - 2010. (Bolded titles are major Marvel Events that spawned off events of Avengers books.) This guide covers all Avengers books from "Avengers Disassembled" to "Siege of Asgard."

Avengers Comics Reading Guide: 2004 - 2010 )
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Things have somewhat settled down from how episode 14 ended with all the Flame Haze running about. No opening animation this time, which is good and bad - Good if you want to see more story (as the credits display during the beginning segment), bad if you like the new song, "Serment" by Mami Kawada.

In this episode, we get to know a little more about the "Interception" team that Sophie had formed for the Flame Haze Army. Above, is the "Archer of Aurora" Chiara Toscana and the "Puppeteer of Devilish Skills" Sale Habichtsburg. While their time is short, the interaction between them and their Crimson Lords are enough to get a feel for what their characters are like. We hardly saw that with previously introduced Flame Haze in this season.

Episode 15: Rout in the Rain - SPOILERS )
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Story by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Greg Land

Price: $3.99

Released: 01/18/12

The re-numbering of Uncanny X-Men (due to the events of X-Men: Schism) certainly wasn't off to a good start. Scott had set up a pretty good roster for his "Extinction Team," but the whole deal with Mr. Sinister coming into the picture just wasn't interesting enough. (Honestly, I'm surprised I stuck it out this long.) However, with the way #5 starts a new story arc titled "Tabula Rasa," I'm really glad I didn't drop this X-Book out of the eight that are currently running/tying in together. Things are finally starting to reference events from other said concurrent X-Books - Specifically, Uncanny X-Force and the events of "The Dark Angel Saga." I'm collecting the trade paperbacks for that series, so I'm not up to date with what went on in there. I DO know that serious stuff went down in that saga, and Psylocke is close to being found out about working for both Scott and Logan. And with Captain America making an appearance in this issue, I have a feeling that this will set things all up for the MAJOR Marvel Universe event, Avengers vs. X-Men, starting this April 2012.

Uncanny X-Men #6, "Tabula Rasa PART 2" is due out on: 02/01/12

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Jan. 1st, 2012 12:00 am
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Hello, gang!

If you don't already know, my name is Mura! This blog will focus on three things: Videogames, comics, and anime. What makes this different from any previous blog I've had is that each entry will focus on one thing ranging from what I bought, what I watched, or what I played (accompanied by a picture or two) and will somewhat have some depth to it. If you're looking for silly and/or random fan-ish entries, you will want to visit this blog. If you're looking for quick, one-liner summaries of what I'm currently buying, reading, or watching then you will want to visit my Twitter.

User Icons on this blog will serve as a "preview visual tag" of what category the entry falls under:

* Hope Summers (X-Men, Generation Hope)
>>> Comics

* Raquel Applegate (Wild ARMs 4)
>>> Videogames

* Yachiyo Todoroki (Working!!)
>>> Anime


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